Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey Kitty Kitty

I spotted this adorable kitty istikana (Arabic for tea cup) on ilSul6ana's blog the other day. And being a sucker for cute things, I immediately fell in love with it! So I caved in and bought it from Chay Shop. I think it makes a nice everyday set. 

Being blinded by the kitty's cuteness, I forgot to check with the Chay Shop's representative about the tea cup's size dimensions and how heavy the glass is before I placed the order.  I didn't want to end up buying something too fragile. But when my order was delivered I was relieved to see that the tea set was just perfect. I wish it came with a matching sugar container though. 

Check out the rest of Chay Shop's tea sets by clicking here.


LadyB said...

Awww !

Noura said...

so cute..

Confashion said...

I know! SO cute! :)

Especially when you lift el istikana and you see the kitty's face on the plate too <3

Noon said...

beautiful wallah.. I drink tea a lot and I adore cuteness.. i think i will buy them too.. thank you for sharing..

Confashion said...

You're more than welcome :)


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