Everybody's Gone Surfing

Yesterday I have received the press kit for MAC cosmetic's latest collection: Surf, Baby! And since first impressions always count, the moment I saw the super pretty, striped and beachy-themed packaging I fell in love with it. And this is bad news for me! Because a) this means I'll be buying more pieces from the collection that I probably won't need. And b)I'll be buying eye make up that I don't even know how to use! Yes, I confess, I suck when it comes to eye make up. My so-called make up routine basically consists of two steps: lipstick and blusher. That's it!

Anyhow, to my luck, I LOVED the lipstick shade which I have received. It's called Mocha and it was quite light in shade.  The eye pencil and eye shadow had a nice shade of  blue and grayish crushed metallic pigments. But I'll be needing some training on that from friends, Hudabeauty, and Youtube!

The Surf, Baby! collection includes splashproof mascara, Skinsheen Bronzer Stick, SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balms and much more. And it will surely please everyone who loves the sun, sea, and sand.


Anonymous said…
alaaah! i just love the theme, o mocha lonha 3ajeeeb!! one of my favorites
Confashion said…
It is now one of my favorites too ;)
Anonymous said…
lol we have the same makeup routine.

Confashion said…