Dear Confashion: Looking for a Wedding Gown

 Q: Dear Confashion,

I need your help my wedding is after couple months and I couldn't find a suitable dress for the big day!! Could you please help me by asking your readers if they have a wedding dress that they own and want to sell or something?? I went through most of the known bridal boutiques in Kuwait and I wasn't satisfied by designs or sometimes the price is too high for my budget.


A: Dear H,

I did read in the local newspapers of some stores that sell pre-loved and used wedding and bridal gowns but unfortunately I'm not sure where. I do know however that some stores in Kuwait sell somewhat reasonablly priced gowns like: Al Boshiya boutique in Salhiya, Al Othman Boutique in Mariam Complex in Salmiya, and  Pronovias boutique in 360 Mall. Also Net-a-Porter's wedding boutique has some really nice and modern selection that won't break the bank.

And finally maybe some of my readers can give you some suggestions or if someone wants to re-sell their wedding gown, please send an email to H at with a description and preferably a photo of the gown and price.

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Anonymous said…
Dear HJR and confashions
We have a Kuwaiti bloggerista who's completely dedicated to all things bridal (my wonderferfully elegant cousin SD) so why don't you ask her?
Her blog is inspirationsbysd
Hope you find what you are looking for
Madame C
PS: I love your blog mashalla!
Anonymous said…
Dear H.

I'm sorry you are having a hard time finding your wedding dress, I can only imagine how frustrating this is. I agree with Confashions, there are so many budget friendly options in Kuwait, I do love Pronovias in 360, the dresses are really elegant and the prices are reasonable the wedding gowns on net-a-porter will go on sale very soon (in fact the US site is already on sale) can also try the wedding boutique at shopbop ...there is also BCBG's wedding boutique their dresses are a bit too simple so depends on what you are looking for really, you can also rent couture dresses there is a place in Galleria 2000? I think they are a bit over the top so it depends on what you are looking for in a dress.
Hope you find what you are looking for, and congrats! :)
Anonymous said…
I appreciate all the help and recommendations,thank you so much.
Confashion said…
Thank you anonymous and for your great feedback :D
Heidi Ghattas said…
plz i'm looking for a wedding dress too and im not satisfied with designers here in kuwait at all!!
and i went to pronovias and its so expensive,,plz if someone could help me as my wedding is after 2 months!!!!
Anonymous said…
i know this is an old post but i got a wedding dress from an Italian young lady which she got from Italy (she is venetian herself) and i would like to resell it! if anyoneis looking for an elegant wedding dress but Kuwait's market isn't their taste then this might be your chance!
original price is 2700 euros an im selling it for 500 KD
email me for pictures plz
nileberry at hotmail dot com
Anonymous said…
Dear can u send me a foto of the dress from Italy?
How can i reach u?
Anonymous said…
you can send me your email to show you the dress from Italy on or you can reach me on 97754501
Jennifer Lim said…
I Have Atelier here in Salmiya. I help as much as I can about the budget price of the bride. Please contact me and lets duscuss your design and budget price. I have wedding dress and party dress for rent and sell. call me : 55602555/ 69064888
Anonymous said…
I also have a badgley mischka mallory wedding dress for sale I bought it for 4,500 us dollars I am selling it now for 600 kd email me at if interested for pictures
Anonymous said…
I also have a Pronovias "La Sposa" dress with swarovski and pearls size 36 and can be adjusted to fit size 38. You can either buy or rent it.
Rental price: 400 kd
Selling price: 750 kd

If interested please contact me on whatsapp. 009613052727
Dee said…
is anyone still looking to sell their dress or know of any wedding shops which is not too overpriced??
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir/ mam,
I would like to introduce myself first - Yas Couture is a High end Fashion
house in the Arabian Sand located in Kuwait. We provide high end fashion
that is made by hand from paper to ready to buy for Bridal Gown and Haute couture dress which are made from high quality, high standards, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to
detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers, hand-executed techniques. The clothes are sumptuous, studded with pearls and Swarovski crystals; the sets are lavish, featuring Busby Berkeley-style choreographed in enchanted forests and space-age discos.
If interested anyone please contact us. Thanks & Best Regards
Sales department
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Aliah Dehdary said…
Hi everyone,

I know the post is old but if anyone is interested in a gorgeous wedding dress that has never been worn please contact me at for more information and pictures. I happened to get the dress from the US and the designer made very few pieces of the dress. I had to change my wedding venue and make my wedding a mixed wedding and therefore had to find another dress. No exaggeration though, the dress is gorgeous and has a lot of beautiful details. Never been worn and going for a great price! I am sure you will not find the same dress in Kuwait.


Best regards,