Dear Confashion: Looking for Chic Albums

Q: Do you know where I can find nice photo albums here in Kuwait? I'm looking for an album to store all my honeymoon pictures in, so it has to be a bit big ;). I also want an album were thepictures slip in, not were I have to stick them on.
A: Honestly? I don't recall a place in Kuwait that sells really nice and chic looking photo albums.  My friend says Stephanie and Al Ussaimi have a nice selection but I haven't seen them personally. Have you tried searching online? Try, and

I hope my readers can help us with this one. Any recommendations please? Much appreciated. :)

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Danderma said…
Unfortunately I have been facing the same delimma. For 5 years my honeymoon pictures have been sitting there in a box waiting for the perfect album. I've searched everywhere in Kuwait. I hate stuffy old style ones used by the photographers. I wanted modern chic ones. I searched everywhere even abroad. Only in 2008 did I find something that would work for me in paperchase UK (also available in DUbai Mall)

Its plain white plastic photo album that though doesn't sound very much but is very very modern. It comes in sizes from 12 pictures to 250 pictures. I bought a bunch and categoriezed many of my pictures there. I like how they are modern and how they fit with everything and are timeless.

As a matter of fact I think I will do a post about them... that's a good idea !
Confashion said…
I think this can be categorized under "Good Business Opportunity" because I do know for a fact that a lot of my friends face the same problem ;)

Looking forward to your post :)
Anonymous said…

Just to let you guys know, dar.nur has a limited stock of elegant leather photo albums in bright green, orange and purple designed by Rawan Alnafisi and sold at KD 40.. Check the photos on dar.nur's facebook page (dar.nur).. dar.nur is located in The Seven Zones Design Center..
Confashion said…
Thank you for sharing :)

Any idea when Dar.Nur will re-open?
Anonymous said…
dar.nur has re-opened 2 months ago!! Call them on 22258699 or head there any time between 10am-8pm Sat-Thurs..
Confashion said…
Oh! I didn't know! Thank you :)