Dear Confashion: J Walking in Style

Amman-born Jiyan Al-Alami does not have your typical designer back-story. Her grandfather, Qutaiba Sheikh Nouri, was a famous Iraqi artist who passed away before Jiyan was born. His memory was kept alive in their home with his numerous paintings hung throughout the house. Jiyan must have inherited this artistic gene because she was “never without a crayon in her hand”. But that was the closest that she ever got-to professional training in art or design.

Due to societal pressure, she pursued her higher education and graduated with a BA in Human Genetics from UCL (London), followed by a brokerage certificate and began her career in finance. After years in the corporate world, Jiyan decided to “call it quits,” and worked as a florist, reconnecting to her lifelong passion for creativity. And being surrounded by the beauty of flowers, Jiyan was so inspired that she designed her first J Walking in Style top using colorful ribbons and buttons and created her first line named ‘Flower Power.’ 

Jiyan views each of her garments as a piece of art and therefore NEVER repeats the exact same design twice. Her designs are made with the highest quality materials from London and New York and are fit for infants straight through to women of all ages. She hand makes all of her designs making them as original as it can ever get. Each top is uniquely made so that no two women will be Jay Walking in the same Style!

For more information about J Walking in Style please send an e-mail to Jiyan and Deema at


New Bride said…
Everything comes to my mind I find it here in your blog :* I was looking for some unique t-shirts thanks a lot
wafa said…
I love the shirts, so quirky and cute! They have loads more on thier fb page! must check out,

wafa alobaidat
november said…
Jiyan is an amazing person and a great friend! wishing her the best with her venture! so proud
LumaQ said…
thats some brilliant Jordanian Talent right there.. great work.. keep up the awesome work!
Anonymous said…
So happy to see something so unique coming out of region!! All the luck to our upcoming designers, we must support them :) can't wait to get my hands on one of these funky tops.
عنون said…
Thank you all for the amazing comments and support :) We couldn't have done half of this without your constant praises and feedback! :) A huge THANK YOU goes to 'Confashions' for featuring us in her blog :)
We are always looking forward to serving you in style,
Jiyan & Deema
Founders of J Walking in Style :)
Confashion said…
You are more than welcome and thank YOU for sharing your brand with me :)