Au revoir Vuchair

Remember that Vuichair I featured once here, made from recycled Louis Vuitton trunk bag circa 1988, which I spotted at Wing Boutique in Shuwaikh? Well, I've been to the store recently and saw the Vuchair all wrapped up and ready to be shipped. When I asked the sales lady about it, she was like "Yeah, they buyer saw it on a blog, called us, and purchased it. We're sending it to Dubai". Hmm.. I'd like to think that my blog has got something to do with it, a blogger can dream! *wink*. The power of blogging.


Mademoiselle said…
I would be surprised if they buyer did not see it on your blog!..

the power of Confashion x
Noon said…
Do you have any doubt of your blogging powers!
in arabic:هل لديك شك في ذلك
Confashion said…
Mademoiselle and Noon
Thank u Thank u ;)
I'm truly flattered :)