Another Fendi Obsession

Now that I think I'm over Fendi's Silvana, I have a new Fendi obsession, after seeing the mouthwatering colors this new bag comes in, I'm totally lusting over Fendi's Selleria shoulder bag. You can take your pick from cobalt blue (heart), emerald green (heart), or a mix of shades and leathers/fabrics. It's light in weight, which makes it perfect for shopping sprees and traveling. The quality of leather is, as always, impeccable. And compared to other designer brands, the bag is somewhat reasonably priced, not more than KD 600, more or less. Especially that I just saw a small bag from at a different designer boutique (just a few boutiques away from the Fendi Boutique in Salhiya Complex) and it was made out of COTTON and was priced at KD 800!!!! I know!! WTH!!


lamia said…
oh god !! the last one is amazing !! I really wanna fall for a Fendi bag again !!
Confashion said…
beautiful! And it's sooo light to carry and looks practical too :)
L said…
i love fendi bags! they are soo gorgeous and a must have in everyones closet! i love how their bags never go out of style too and very good quality! i love fedi bag is leather!!.....LOVE FOR FENDI!! <3
Confashion said…
I think they have the best leather used on a handbag! So soft and very durable :)