Webby Wednesday: New Fashion Blogs

It's always exciting for me when fellow bloggeristas contact me to introduce me to their new blogs. So now It's time to get to know the latest blogs covering what's new and what's hot in fashion in our region:

Latifa Al Shamsi is a Dubai-based fashion blogger with one fashion-focused mission "I want to show the world how GCC women and specifically Emirati women are fashionable and that the abaya doesn't hinder our progress in fashion, it only creates a challenge to be more creative and innovative when it comes to dressing up.", expressed Latifa.  The blog shows people how they can look, feel good, and how to be comfortable in your own skin.

Find out more about her style and musings by clicking here

BecauseItsFashion, opened in May 2011 by Dubai-based fashionista Mallika, is a daily blog about fashion in her life. Whether it's her personal style, style icons, fashion, tips or events. She  aims to bring the best of fashion in Dubai.

Follow Mallika's fashionable life by clicking here.


LadyB said…
Latifa Blog is soo cute !
Mallika said…
Thanks for the lovely post :) xx
Anonymous said…
A big thanx to you, confashion. This means a lot :*
Confashion said…
I agree :)

You're more than welcome sweetie and looking forward to more posts from you :)

My pleasure babes ;) looking forward to more posts from you :)
Adorable! Nice captures. I am glad to have found such colorful post.
Anonymous said…
I loved Latifa's Blog, thank you for this post!
Confashion said…
Plastic Eyeglasses Frames
I'm glad you liked it :)

You're more than welcome :)
Dee said…
Latifa Al Shamsi's blog rox than confashion. Wayd eyjanin her blog I really enjoyed it. She is very down to earth and very creative
Dee said…
thnx confashion*
Anonymous said…
Dear Confashion ,
can i know the brand of the green bag , plz ,thanx
Anonymous said…
Latifa has impeccable taste, thanx for sharing!!