Stripes Strike Again

A new wave of stripes have hit Zara stores in K-town. I have mixed feelings about this top, I love the colors, but hate how wrinkled the sleeves are! Howeverrr, I liked the Prada inspired skirt shown in the last photo. I liked it a lot and it was the last piece and I bought it! I'm sure they'll be getting tons more of that skirt. Until then, I'll be wearing it like there's no tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
I agree with you about that top however, check zara al fanar, yesterday I saw the same pattern but the top was shorter and with shorter sleeves. It was summery and fresh.
lamia said…
Great purchases!! I spotted the first blouse at Zara, but still hesitating !!! ;)
Confashion said…
Hmm.. Thanks for the tip! I'll do that! :) I always seem to forget about Zara Al Fanar.. it probably has the best selection..

Thank you ;**