Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple and Sweet

With all the craziness of caftan designs around, especially the badly mix'n'unmatched ones I saw recently! I started craving seeing simply designed caftans. So when the girls behind Keswah, Arabic for clothing, e-mailed me about their brand, I immediately was attracted to their simple and sweet the collection. Keswah is the brainchild of three Emarati girls who have joined forces to create their own fashion label in contemporary caftans. Inspired by their traditional clothing and international fashion trends, Keswah is working on pushing more of the accessible female conservative clothing styles in UAE and developing new and innovative concepts. Featured here are photos of their first collection.

For more information, please send an email to info@Keswah.com.


Just me said...

Very retro.. Nice. But honestly.. They should change the name.. It's sounds fishy. Lol ... Kis wa! Ambeeh

Erzulie said...

I SO agree with "Just me." I read the name, frowned and said, "Ma ligay ela hal isim?" Their pieces look really cool but...the name! I think I'd be embarrassed to say it out loud if someone would ask me where I'd bought my kaftan from...!

Anonymous said...

Lol Girls I know what you mean by that, but in the UAE Keswah is quite commonly used. Ask your mothers Im sure they're familiar with that because here quite often women would send each other clothes as gifts from fabrics to night gowns, these kind of gifts are called Keswah. كسوة

Confashion said...

tsk tsk tsk! :P
Well, maybe for us Kuwaities we're not too comfortable with the brand name but let's not forget that it's targeted to all GCC countries.. so maybe it's not as "uncomfortable" as it seems. Besides, it's the design that matter and it definitely looks fab!

Anonymous said...

Adorable, simple and sweet. Very fresh indeed! LOVE the colors and designs of the fabrics.

Confashion said...

I couldn't agree more :)


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