Put Your SHOOOH on

There is a new multi-brand shoe boutique in k-town! Currently SHOOOH! boutique is stocking Spring/Summer 2011 collection from both Camilla Skovgaard and French Sole, and will be having more shoe brands in the near future. Featured here are images of some of their new collection.

SHOOOH! boutique is located in Salhiya Complex M2 shop no. 13. For any inquiries, please call (+965) 2249-7466.


Ansam said…
Wasnt it called French Sole???? And speaking of French Sole, can you tell me the difference between French and London Soles?? Thanks ;-) xoxo
Confashion said…
Yes it was but now it has been turned into a multi-brand store :)

Like you, I have always wondered what the difference is between london and french sole... I've searched and found some answers which could be true. They are the same brand. London sole is usually sold in Europe and the US whereas in the UK French sole is the brand name.