The Perfect PS

I love buying new bags (don't we all!?) but I just realized I don't have a structured bag big enough to carry around my blogging necessities: laptop, organizer, iPad, lots of paper... etc. So when I spotted this Proenza Schouler PS11 Capri tote at Al Othman Boutique, I immediately fell in love with it because a) it has a beautiful color-combo, b) it looks like it's durable enough to carry all of my blogging belongings, c) even though it's mostly covered in white leather, the areas where it might get stained the most are in either tan or black leather, and d) the price is not bad compared to other designer bags, I think it was not more than KD 450, more or less.  Now that I have listed down my excuses justifications why this tote needs to be purchased, I think I'll sleep on it first and do my research on totes with similar qualities before I make my final decision.