Paying Vivienne a Visit

Guest blogger Stella Walker, whom covered the Starch event for confashions, had  the chance of a fashion's lifetime by visiting British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood's Traveling Exhibition which was held in Beirut, Lebanon a few days ago.

This exhibition celebrated over 40 years the ingenuity and creativity of Vivienne Westwood's shoe designs.  Around 100 shoe were showcased tracing the exceptional success of Dame Westwood’s career to date.  From Beirut, the exhibition will travel to Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo throughout 2011 and New York and Los Angeles at the beginning of 2012.

"Looking at her magnificent designs I realized how her work really reflects what a humorous woman she is, I feel like I can hang out with her!", expressed Stella.

Thank you so much Stella for the coverage, now let's walk you through Stella's favorite pieces of the exhibition.

Saved the best for last! Check out the infamous 10 inch platform shoes that made super model Naomi Campbell fall at the Vivienne Westwood runway show in 1993.


Mademoiselle said…
wow. i just want too collect them all, frame them in a glass box a la museums and just admire those piece of art...
Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more! Sigh!