Saturday, May 28, 2011

Only at Kuwait's Missoni Hotel

I spotted this interesting photo on LadyB's blog who covered the official launch of Kuwait's Missoni Hotel. I must say that this is a very interesting choice of fabric used for a dishdasha (a traditional men's costume). And I think this look only works at Missoni Hotel


Noon said...

Laaaaaaa! Mo sij Confashions!
I really hope you don't like them! coz if you do, from tomorrow we'll see dudes in them missoni dishdashes!
I'm outta here!

Confashion said...

LOL! I was careful with my choice of words. I said this look only works at Missoni Hotel :P I hope this trend will not catch up outside of the hotel ;)

Carousel said...

Oh my! lets hope this doesnt become a trend!

FashionM said...

I think this should only be displayed in missoni kuwait otherwise it's a huge fashion disaster !!!

Confashion said...

Highly unlikely ;)

I totally agree :)


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