Nuqat Enriches our Community

I have announced Nuqat Foundation's workshops on my Save the Date page a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, due to prior commitments I was unable to enroll in the Calligraphy workshop. And after seeing the photos of the workshop on Nuqat's blog, I feel like beating myself up for not attending! Then again it's not like I had a choice! Sigh! Anyways, I was excited to see that the workshops were/are being held at the recently renovated  historical building "Alqibliya School" in Kuwait City.  I think just being there sets you into the right mood for creativity and focusing on the instructors' main messages. This week is Nuqat's last workshop, they will be running a Street Art: Digital Graffiti workshop starting tomorrow May 16th-18th, from 5pm to 9pm. I think it would be nice for the people behind Nuqat to run a mini poll on their blog or site to get feedback from people who are interested in this field on what kind of workshops to run  in the future.

You can check Nuqat Foundation's blog here for more information and to view photos of the previously conducted workshops. If you're interested to find out more, please contact or call (+965) 9770-6522.

Work in progress
The Nuqat team with instructor Saleh Al Shukairi which hosted a workshop titled Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy.


may said…
Oh that's me 4th picture!
Nuqat team did a really great job! I loved the experience and I can't wait to join more workshops in the future!
Zahra Lyla said…
I am so proud of my beautiful friend Sara Al Nafisi and Nuqat!! :)
7ala said…
oh the حرية painting is mine, took a while to get there but im happy with the result, loved the workshop it was an amazing experience, both the nuqat team and mr saleh alshukairi did an amazing job.

ps: love your blog, i check it daily:)
Confashion said…
may and Zahra Layla
Yes I love what they are doing and can't wait to see what they have up their sleeve ;)

I loved your painting! Such a beautiful piece :)

And thank you for loving my blog :)