Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love Louboutin Loafers

I wish these Men's Louboutin loafers came in size 37, or 36... or 38! You know with Christian Louboutin I can never guess my size right. That's why I prefer to try them on first in stores than purchasing the red-soled shoes online.  If you're wondering, the smallest size of these featured Loubotin's come in size 41.  Louboutin loafers are currently available at Al Othman boutique


Mademoiselle said...

heart. <3

Anonymous said...

How much for the black ?!

Anonymous said...

I think they were KD 359

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: they're 359 KD. I went to try them on today.

bdowi said...

ana abehm bs ma 3ndy floos


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