Just Like Stella

Just like Stella McCartney's citrus prints which she has used on her S/S collection. This Zara citrus top is KD 15 only. 


Mademoiselle said…
saw this top a while ago and knew you were going to post it :)
LadyB said…
That's pretty !
very summery and refreshing, I was hesitant about the one from stella cuz it won't last for more than a season for such price :P
Thanks to high street we got another copy !
Anonymous said…
Remember when dior had a very similar print some 6 or 7 years back?
Confashion said…
Great Fashionistas think alike ;)

And budget-friendly ;)

Hmm.. no.. can you send me a link? :)
Anonymous said…
i bought this! i was confused whether to pair it with green or yellow pants
Confashion said…
Don't pair it with green, then it will look too garden-ish.. pair it with white, orange, tan, or yellow.. :)