I Heart My: Noaf Hussain of No.001 Agency

One of the most inspirational women I have met in the creative realm so far, has to be Noaf Hussain, the brand director for Haifa Kaftans who's in charge of the brand's art direction, online customer service, copy writing, media planning, and PR. And these are just a few elements in among so many other incredible skills she possesses.

She has previously worked on projects like The Shortcut, created the look and provided direction for the soon-to-be-launched Thelistkuwait.com, and created the not-yet revealed new brand image of Bazaar Interiors in Al Tilal. She also helped in writing Closet Candy's site content, handled their PR up until March, when she decided to start her own business with her partner Othman Al-Othman (who, by the way, was the photographer behind Haifa Kaftans' photography). They have launched No.001, a boutique visual communication studio. They offer their services in publicity, marketing, graphic design, copy writing and advertising. They even use their non-traditional office space for outdoor launches and events. They have a passion for what we do and thrive in creative environments, which is why their studio is located somewhere so unconventional. Clients always seem to love it, and often stay a while, sipping their choice of colored capsule from their vast Nespresso collection, comforted by the white washed walls of our studio nestled in a quiet part of the country. "A client once told us it felt like they were on vacation!" expressed Noaf.  Let's see what Noaf's favorite fashion item is in her own words:

"I did a mini-photoshoot to show my favorite fashion accessory: Glasses. I've been wearing glasses far before they became fashionable. Back when they were uncool (since the 1st grade!) I bought a new pair of glasses every year. Never been seen without them! I used to be the only person wearing glasses in most rooms, now thanks to pop culture I have some stiff competition! All grown up, I have a few pairs of glasses that I swap depending on my mood or my outfit. Here they are hung on my "Inspiration Wall" at work."

I truly believe Noaf is a living proof that someone can be a jack of all trades – master of all.


Anonymous said…
I love new ideas (in our region at least). love trend setters in all aspects. love people like Nouf..good for her and hope i follow my dream as she did..
Noaf H. said…

This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done or said about me! You're far too kind. It took me a solid 10 minutes to choose just the right words to properly thank you--and finding the right words is my job!

Much love xx

PS- Thanks for the support Anon, does your dream have anything to do with mine? I don't know if I can be of any help but all anyone needs is that small nudge. I say do it, stop to think later!
Reem said…
way to go noafiiiii ;* ul be something big one day im sure :) so proud of you girl ;) now i can show off in front of people that my friend is a celeb;p
Anonymous said…
Noaf is smart, creative, and super cute :D
Noaf H. said…
Reem & Ansam, you girls are too sweet! :')

(Your checks are in the mail.)

Anonymous said…
Noaf ..

number-001.com opens to a blank page.

How can we reach you?