For the Love of Bags

How many handbags are considered too many? And most importantly, are you tired of my shoes/bags posts? For me, I simply can’t help it, when I see amazing accessories I just have to share on my blog. I guess this is how my mind works. In any event, I love BAGS and SHOES! And there is a very good reason for this: they ARE the ultimate accessory! Regardless of your weight, size, and age, we all need shoes and bags.  They work magic on any look and any outfit. So now that I justified my love for bags and shoes posts, let's have a look at some true hand-candy I spotted recently starting with this cute mini metallic snake-skin chain bag by Marc Jacobs.I'm usually not a fan of Marc Jacobs bags, but this one and the red clutch/chain strap bag shown below are on a completely different level.

I loved how these Balenciaga bags have a new color twist
And for the most feminine and girliest/glam bags, check out the beautiful selection at ChloƩ boutique in Thurraya Complex. Can you actually believe that the black and beige bow mini-cross bag is less than KD 150?!! Not bad at all!
ChloƩ glammed up bags... heart!