Event: STARCH Your Summer

First of all, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to my first contributing writer and guest blogger all the way from Beirut, the city of arts, culture, great food, and creative minds. My lovely Beirut Blogger goes by the name Stella Walker, and she will be covering some interesting fashion and life-style related events and what's hip and happening in Beirut. 

Stella recently attended Beirut Art Center where they were showing the latest show from BAC design, a program of exhibitions dedicated to promoting creative products made by Beirut-based designers. One of the exhibitions on display was titled STARCH your summer, which is an exhibition by STARCH designers from 2008-2009-2010. where they showcased their latest design products with using STARCH brand codes. A variety of items were presented ranging from fashion clothing, to accessories and interior products carrying the signature style of each designer. Participating designers are: Ghita Abi Hanna, Najla el Zein, Racha Abbas, Deena Wassef, Nadine Mneimneh, Rana Mikdashi, Rayya Morcos, Ronald Abdallah, Rami Kadi, Lara Khoury and Missak HajiAvedikian. I have featured some of them here, here, here, and here.

The exhibition will be on view until 11th June 2011. So if you're vacationing in Beirut anytime soon, make sure to check it out.

Does the above top look familiar?
These are really cool by the way, at first I thought they were laundry bags but they're actually shirts, like the one designer Rayya Morcos, who currently works at Maison Rabih Kayrouz as a senior designer, is wearing in the photo below.

Installation created by Najla el Zein.


Anonymous said…
I loved the leather rings ! how can i put my hands on them ?
Confashion said…
I Loved them too and the clutch! I think they're the creation of Margherita (Ghita) Abi-Hanna. I have featured her on my blog before here: http://www.confashionsfromkuwait.com/2011/01/mesmerised-by-margherita.html

Try contacting her (+961) 3674418 or send an e-mail to: ghita@margheritah.com.
Racha said…
I love this post! Thanks Stella! Thanks Madame Confashions!!! Kisses!
P.S. that was me in the pink racer-back top!
Thanks Stella and Confashions, great stuff always!
Didi, where do you live? Drop me a line (ghita@margheritah.com) if you like and we'll see what we can do about getting the rings on your hands ;)