Deena Machina

The other day I stopped by FA Gallery to check out their latest exhibition Without Boundaries by 7 talented young Kuwaiti artists. While walking around the gallery’s space, a group of painting by one Kuwaiti artist has literally stopped me in my tracks. The art pieces had insanely beautiful details, rivaled only by top-notch artists with years and years of experience.  It was impossible not to be impressed by 27 years young Deena “Machina” Qabazard’s work. The details on her art pieces are absolutely unbelievable; she used embroidary and mixed media on paper. They carried certain darkness especially with the use of surreal characters and figures, making her art pieces appear as more on the gothic side. I LOVED her work! Unfortunately for me, the ones that I really really loved were already sold out. Bummer! 

If you find yourself close to Sharq, you can catch “Machina” work at "Without Boundaries" exhibition at FA Gallery located opposite to Amiri Hospital. The exhibition runs until 20th May 2010.

I also loved the below two paintings by a talented Kuwaiti artist Mohammed Ramadhan who focused on the animal world when creating his pieces.


Havah said…
I've been following the "machines" work for a while now...and it only gets better. She can make nightmares beautiful. The texture she creates within her creatures give them feeling and life. Its refreshing to see a young artist with an old soul not afraid to push the boundaries of the art world...or the world in general.
Maha said…
I went to the gallery and i was amazed by " Machines" work .. specially the first work .. outstanding and talent girl .. and also Mohammed work.. i spend time watching his art
everyone must go and see the gallery
Confashion said…
If you happen to have photos of her previous work, please do share.. I'd love to see them :)

I loved both Maha and Mohammed's work. So professional and so very creative and talented!