Dear Confashion: Amanda Navai in Bloomingdales Dubai

The number 1 selling brand of all brands for SS 2011 collections in Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai, Amanda Navai on-trend colorful bags and clutches are now being stocked at Bloomingdale's Dubai, right next to Zagliani (WTG Amandaaa!).

Her new designs are getting even more popularity due to the versatility of her bag's python straps which can also turn into belts! Smart! Check out her latest collection by clicking here.


Anonymous said…
In the first photo, il fuschia handbag & clutch on the small tables in the front mn ay brand? Is it all from he same brand willa different one?
Confashion said…
Hmmm I'm not quite sure. I'll check with the designer and let you know :)