Balenciaga & Budgets

I saw these futuristic/retro heels at Balenciaga boutique in Althurraya Complex just the other day and have not been able to get them out of my mind! Price tag? KD 240!  Why do the most expensive things always catch my attention BEFORE knowing their prices?! And why does it always have to be a 3-digits (sometimes 4!!) number?!


Mademoiselle said…
good taste comes with ugly price tags .. ;)
Danderma said…
Ee ana killa et7oshne hal moshkila el3awee9a!

3aini ma et6ee7 ella 3la a'3la shay :( madry laish
Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more! :\

My mom always tells me that! el moshkilla it gets stuck to my mind! o ma arta7 illa itha sharaytah :\
LadyB said…
so gorge !
Confashion said…
Siiigh I couldn't agree more! :\