While in Dubai...

 This is my last post on Dubai, thank you for bearing with me, So I'll sharing some random thoughts here and there starting with my current obsession Fendi's Silvana. The color-combo of this crocodile and leather version is TDF! 

Although I'm not a fan of cup cakes, I couldn't possibly say no to having a bite of the well presented cup cakes of Magnolia Bakery located at Dubai's Bloomingdales. I did try them before when I was in New York two years ago and thought they were very mediocre and over hyped. So I wanted to give them another chance. The verdict? I'd give the red velvet cup cake a 3.5 out of 5. Not bad but still not a fan.  Maybe I should have tried the cakes instead just like Ansam did. 

I was tempted to buy these cook books though.. but I knew they'll only end up decorating my shelves... Just like ottolenghi's!
 Liked this clutch from Paule Ka
OMG! The Accessories at  Boutique 1 were AHHHMAAAZING and truly unique. Check out some of my favorite pieces starting with Philip Lim's necklace shown in the above photo...

Looked what I've found at Boutique 1! The ottolenghi cook book!
We went out for dinner at Zuma and La Petite Maison restaurants in DIFC. I strongly recommend the two places for the very hip ambiance. However, because I had very high expectations, I was slightly disappointed with the main courses. BUT, the desserts at both places were HEAVENLY! Which made up for the disappointments.  And the staff at La Petite Maison were extremely friendly and attentive. I liked that. 

And that's all. Salam!
The cozy entrance of La Petite Maison


LadyB said…
I want cupcakes, NOW!
Mark said…
Cupcakes are crap no matter where you have them. What you should have had at Magnolia is their chocolate swirl cheesecake! Now thats good food.
Confashion said…
hahaha try Little Treats ;)

I so regret not trying their cakes! Yalla, next time I go there (hopefully soon!!!) I'll try the chocolate swirl and the red velvet cheesecakes :)
Anonymous said…
the earrings 3ajeeeeeeb
bdowy said…
the best red velvet cupcake i have ever tried was in london in the humaningbird bakery
Confashion said…
yummmmy hummmmmingbird <3
Anonymous said…
Ooh I remember this post, loved the jewelry . Will pass by boutique 1 and seems like everyone is talking about magnolia cupcakes
Confashion said…
magnolia cupcakes
I'm not a huge fan of cupcakes but they do recommend their red velvet cake and their chocolate swirl cheesecake :)
tanya said…
i wish i was with u

ياريت لو عندك فكره عن افضل الاماكن لشراء فساتين السهره في دبي غير بلومينق ديل و لافييت

ممكن اعرف وين مكان بوتيك 1 هل هو اللي في مردوف
و كذلك لميزون

و ممكن اماكن لفساتين سهره في الكويت
تعبت و انا ادور حق عرس اختي
فيمكن اروح يومين دبي

دوخت راسك
:) سامحيني
Confashion said…
You can shop boutique 1 online on www.boutique1.com. It's located in Dubai at Emariates Mall and also Jumaira the Walk.

In Kuwait you can always count on Al Othman boutique located in Mariam Complex in Salmiya. They also have an outlet online site on www.alothmanoutlet.com.

Good luck ;)