What's New at Jaeger Boutique?

We've seen a lot of designers embracing the minimal chic trend for the past couple of seasons, and I really like its luxe look and versatility, which is exactly why I went to Jaeger boutique located in the Avenues Phase II.  I was looking for classic pieces with a modern twist and great quality yet not too pricey. Pieces that I can wear, wash, and tear a 100 times without worrying too much.   So I have found some pieces (and managed to get their prices as well finally!) which I think would make a great wardrobe addition starting with the emerald green cropped pants priced at KD 80. I also liked this five piece collar necklace (in navy and orange) KD 43.

monochrome dress – now in store KD160. Inspired by Jil Sander maybe?
I have been eyeing this paneled dress which I spotted at one of the glossies, but it wasn't in store, the sales lady promised that it will be coming soon
Emerald green tiered dress – now in store KD 160. Very Halston-ish
Silk belted blouse KD 92, panel detail trousers KD 98 and large bumbag KD 160


u beat me to it hun. I was strolling along aves and I like jaegar but i never relaly bought anything from the store itself, but the bew boutique collection caught my eye, espicially the intage looking spring dressed, the blue one if you happen to see it. however the down side is that smallest size they had was a 12, 14..reason behind that cuz they were out of stock. but i told them the boutique range is a must have, and to add me on the list. definately Jaeger Boutique- something to watch out for;) gr8 post
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Thanks ;)
I think they have stepped up their style and now not only cater for career women, but also targeting young and hip fashionistas with their boutique line :)
I have posted about it here before: