Well Hello There!

Obsessed with  Nicholas Kirkwood would be an understatement! How could I possibly settle for one pair of Kirkwoods every season when the guy creates a standout selection of sculptural sandals!!!  Just look at these beauties, the lace-up lace platform sandal in baby blue and a pair of satin pink and pearls decorated  platforms.  Sigh! These should not be displayed casually, they should come with a warning sign: "You're about to get distracted and might spend a fortune. If you're looking for evening gowns and cocktail dresses ONLY, turn around and evacuate this area immediately!!!".

Nicholas Kirkwood is stocked at AlOthman Boutique in Mariam Complex in Salmiya.


Journal Entries said…
loved the warning sign bit ;p

i agree with u, these beauties r work of art..
Burning Skies said…
Love the 2nd pair!
LadyB said…
I got the dress, now its the shoe hunt :P
Confashion said…
Journal Entries
I have major kirkwood obsession! :(

Burning Skies
Aren't they so girly and chic? sigh

LOL! Lucky u mashalla ;)
please do share your hunted shoes ;)