Under the Sea

A few days ago I had a heart-to-heart talk with my wealth manager(I WISH!) account OFFICER, on the need of creating a savings plan and how the future doesn't look too promising... etc. Even though I have really bad spending habits, I must say that I have drastically improved (I DID!) but still could do much better.  So I agreed wholeheartedly to set aside a chunk of money on a monthly basis. The bank officer was happy. I was happy. My family were happy. And all was good, until Kunooz Exhibition debuted.  Great! What a timing! So I go with my friend and we both agreed we'll window shop only. BAD IDEA! Now these pictures are haunting me! Especially the irresistible pearl necklace with the ruby red octopus and matching ring from Octium!!  (hint hint to my family). "You aren’t…terribly attached to that octiumopus, are you?” my friend asked. We look at each other, then back to the pearl set and give a big siiiiigh. 

Other items that I liked at Octium's booth were the lava and coral beads bracelets with skulls and pave diamond accents. shown below. And you must must must check out Sakkijha booth. It's a Jordanian jeweler and has the most beautiful collection of diamond rings and necklaces. 

Kunooz Exhibition is being held currently at Arraya Ballroom and ends on Thursday 28th of April at 10pm.