Team Green or Team Yellow?

How about team BOTH!! Céline, Céline, Céline!!! What are you doing to me? In addition to the 6 other versions I have spotted at Céline's boutique in Dubai, I'm lusting over these two beauties. fluorescent Yellow box bag in exotic leather, which was spotted at Doha's branch and the green Luggage Bag in Kuwait's branch.

And the if Céline's are too far-fetched or could cause some serious damage to your bank account, why not settle for The Cambridge Satchel Company in fluorescent colors? Available at Dover Street Market's online shop and cost around KD 50 or KD 60. 


Zahra Lyla said…
The Green Luggage Bag, drooooool!!
New Bride said…
waaay team both akeeeeeed ;)
RuBY_GLooM said…
I'm Team YELLOW ! Loved it
The Luggage Bag is to die for(for some reason I prefer the multi-color)! at which branch did you spot these beauties? I MUST go check them out!
What's Next said…
Team Yellow!!! :)
Confashion said…
Zahra Lyla
I knooow! Love it!

New Bride
hahaha! 3awar galb!

The photo does not do it justice walla

The yellow box bag in Doha and the green luggage bag at Kuwait's branch

Whats Next
beauty ;)