Take a Deep Breath... Ashi is in K-town!

Take a deep breath and step into the world of Ashi up close and personal. Yes, the mesmerizing collection which I kept admiring again and again on my blog has finally hit AlOthman boutique.  From the day I had the pleasure to go through Ashi’s lookbooks, I immediately knew just how much of a fashion genius he is. I was instantly smitten by his fresh take on modern eveningwear. And I always hoped that if I ever get to see and touch his designs in real life, they would hopefully have the same effect on me.  And guess what?

I went to AlOthman to scrutinize his creations and I examined each and every Ashi design in store.  Let me tell you this, Mohammed Ashi did not disappoint. I won’t go into details, I’ll leave the photos do the talking.  Starting with the Eva Langoria dress which she has recently worn for the 2011 Grammy Awards.  It looked even better in real life.   

Ashi, you are truly setting a new standard of design for our regional designers. Wishing you the best of luck.


LadyB said…
Ahhh, I dieee !
I just got a dress for my cousin wedding :(
Me Blogging said…
Waaay khayal

wedi bes ashtere wa7ed a3retha, ma albesa, eyanen

I am soooo in love with his clothes

ma 3indi monasaba :( ebcham confashion? 3ashan a3aref agdar ashtere mo ma albesa
Anonymous said…
wa'a5eraan !!!
cham range las3ar ?
Anonymous said…
wooow amazing !!!
Danderma said…
oooooooooooooh the black one with the feathers is amazing!

I have two weddings and a melcha coming up! This would make the perfect dress for any of them <3

But i need to loose a little bit of weight if its that short... i have time ashwa!
Mai B said…
wow very nice..
i've been waiting for it too.. price tags please?
Anonymous said…
amazing but i think its i little bit inpired by marchesa ? dont u think that?
panacheous.com said…
love them all! going by asap!
Confashion said…
Black and white short dress (Eva Langoria)- 2369 KD

Long sleeves lace dress with ruffles- 1769 KD

Sequin top with cream ruffled skirt- 2069 KD

One Shoulder beige dress with large ruffle- 2498 KD

Short white dress with petals at the back- 1469 KD
AKF said…
The man is a complete genius

I do agree that his pieces are Marchesa inspired but only in the sense that he uses the same kind of effects with fabric...however, he does so in such a unique way.

I'm literally here in awe. It's so amazing to see this kind of talent and this level of artistry from our region of the world.

I'd love to meet his seamstresses. They most definitely rival those of Chanel and Valentino with their construction skills...unless of course he does that by himself in which case...I'm out of words.

bedour said…
gorgeous dresses!!!! are these dresses the only ones available?
Confashion said…
There are more styles available at Al Othman Boutique :) Especially if you're looking for gowns.