Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stripes Mania

Have you been to Zara lately? Did you notice how it has gone all stripes crazy?! There were at least 7 different stripped tops in cotton and silk.  Well, we all know what that means, we'll be bumping into a lot of girls wearing Zara striped tops at the same time. Don't get me wrong, some of the tops looked really nice, but some had really bad finishing,/fitting.   So be careful not to fall for this trend trap and end-up buying more ill-fitting striped tops than you actually need.


Um aboodi said...

I think they r amazing for trips like taking my son to school or go to jam3eyah or just sipping late at starbucks... They r comfy! Im tall and thin so the fitting is good... Damn anything looks good on me. 

Me Blogging said...

ohh that's my dress on the right

3ayal we have to get creative in wearing them

Confashion said...

Um Aboodi
LOL! Well, some of the striped tops were quite good in terms of quality and color combo but some were slightly on the tacky side...

Me blogging
I think it came in a top and a dress too :)


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