Spend Your Wings

It's funny how when I go shopping to buy a gift for my friend, I unintentionally end up buying things for myself too! A very bad habit! And that's what happened when I popped into Wings boutique the other day. I haven't been to that place since it has first opened, so I thought of paying it a visit and see what's new in store. The moment I came close to the store's doorknob I was immediately mesmerized by the art piece on the window display. I don't know how to describe it, it was like a huge wall of tangled people. So so beautiful! I think it was on sale and it retailed for KD 400+. I can just imagine having it as a semi-partition between the living room and the dinning room. 

Then I started browsing the shop's stock inside and was quite impressed.  There were so many things that I wanted to buy for myself (what friend?!). Here are some of the lovely things in-store at Wings.

 How fabulous is this "Vuichair" made from recycled Louis Vuitton trunk bag circa 1988

Very cool and modern tea set

Wings boutique is located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area, first intersection after home center and Altilal mall, second shop to the right.


Danderma said…
Great find hon! I love those Tea Estekana's!

Now i have to figure out a way to sneak them in the house without telling my husband their real price... hmmm
Wings Gallery said…
Thank you for your interest in our shop. We will always keep our promise to design, create and find only the best for our valued customers. Wings Gallery
Zahra Lyla said…
That chair is AWESOME!
Confashion said…
Me too! I was debating whether to buy them or not :P
LOL! what he doesn't know won't hurt him :P

Wings Gallery
Thank YOU for providing us with new and ultimately chic pieces for our homes :) Please do keep me updated on your latest arrivals...

Zahra Lyla
I know! So creative! :)