Sneakers Style

These studded canvas Chuck Taylor high-top sneaker are not new.  But since I can't seem to have enough of Chuck Taylor's sneakers (I have 3 pairs so far), I decided to try these on. Chuck Taylor's are one of the first items I pack when I travel to any destination.  What's cool about these kicks is that they feature nickel pyramid studs which gives them a touch-chic style.  They're available at A├»shti and cost around KD 74.


Mademoiselle said…
does it come in black or white?
Confashion said…
Hmm.. I have seen the black and white version but not in Kuwait unfortunately :\ I saw them in Selfridges London..
Mademoiselle said…
i just went today.
there was a black one, and a blue one fully studded.
thanks !