Put a Ring (and a Silver Glove) on it

While flipping through the pages of Harper's Bazaar Men April edition, something striking and so fierce caught my eyes: The legendary silver glove by Shaun Leane for Daphne Guinness, worn by our hometown fashionista Shouq Al Marzouq.  Who needs pepper sprays or stun guns when you have a stunning and chic piece like this, you're safe to go anywhere... almost! LOVE it. 


Red head said…
من صجج! ادري الناس أذواق بس عاد مووجذي تهلق!!! لو كان عمر الوحدة اللي بتلبسه ١٦ و حدها ايمو يمكن أتقبل الوضع... او تصوير حق مجله ممكن او علا ايد أحلام في على شط الهوى 
بس غير جذي noooooooo waaaaay darling...
But again.... It's a free country!
Confashion said…
Red Head
lol! Yes I understand it's an accessory that not anyone can pull off . It's a major statement making piece, but I'm the type who admires such avant-grade accessories... Beautiful? yes. Practical? probably not. :)