Friday, April 22, 2011

The Prova Plunge

I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and buy me one of Prova's silk scarves trimmed with glass beads simply because I like the way those beaded fringes sway and move while walking. I think they look cute paired with a fitted row-like v-neck tee and a pair of dark flared jeans.  I spotted Prova scarves at Al Ostura boutique in Sahab Tower. I didn't ask the sales lady for their prices, I'm sure they're not less than KD 150. Not worth it?  


Dalal said...

Hmm not worthing .. Just like H&M scarves :/

Anonymous said...

150? Not worth it. Theres a black and white bcbg scarf i just saw with a beaded fringe its nice.

Confashion said...

Dalal and Anonymous
I guess you're right.. I'll see if I can get it during the sales period ;)

Anonymous said...

I would like buy this scarf for my mom. Could you let me know their contacts, including phone number or email, if they have any?

Many thanks in advance.


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