Me Love Shoes

If I had a nickel for the number of times I talk about my love for shoes I'd be filthy rich! It's definitely  time to share my shoe love.  Actually, after uploading these photos I took during my shopping spree in Dubai, I almost hugged the screen! These are just fabulous! And of course my post has to start with one of my favorite shoe brands: the magnificent Nicholas Kirkwood featured here on the first photo. This man is a design genius! I spotted Kirkwood's creation at Harvey Nichols Dubai.

Yummy tri-colored sandals from Herm├Ęs
I think this ankle peep-toe boot was by Mcqueen? Or was it McCartney? Not sure...
Balenciaga platforms
Mcqueen golden flats
Pierre Hardy flat sandals
When I first saw these pink suede platform sandals I thought they were by Nicholas Kirkwood, but the shoe tag said Pollini. And I was like is Pollini getting "inspired" by Kirkwood? So I did some googling and found out that Nicholas Kirkwood has been recently appointed as Pollini's creative director. Whoaa! That went off my radar! Pink Pollini's? Yes please! Add to the shopping cart!
Loved the heels of these YSL's sandals.
Cute ruffles on Louboutin's satin heels
On the window display of Christian Louboutin
Balenciaga flats


Miss Elisa K. said…
Heaven... I just want to be in the same vicinity as those labels
Anonymous said…
Confashions, do you know if villa moda still sell TORY BURCH reva flats, the black ones? and how much are they? i'm wondering if its better to order them online or convince my parents to take me to villa moda! plz help.
Confashion said…
Miss Elisa K
LOL Same here!

I think Villa Moda has already closed in Shuwaikh. There are no retail shops at the Free Trade Zone now due to some new regulations...

I wonder where VM's stock will go..

All About Accessories
Thank you :)
Confashion said…
Actually I have just received an SMS from Villa Moda saying that their still open and that they have up to 75% off of their merchandise... not sure if tory is one of the brands on display.
Anonymous said…
Confashion! would it be possible for you to show us your closet (well that would a 20 miles long post) but maybe like your shoe collection? It would be really interesting to see whats in Confashion's closet:)
Confashion said…
Actually I'm toying with the idea of sharing my closets with my readers but I don't want to send out the wrong messages like I'm bragging or sth.. and I don't know if the readers would actually enjoy it.. so still thinking about it..

LOL! and No I wish I had THAT many shoes.. I'll be modest and say I have a reasonable selection of shoes in my closet :P