Manolo's Mary Janes

I was passing by the window display of TOUS boutique in the Avenues phase II when suddenly I got transfixed by two of the strongest words in Carrie Bradshaw's dictionary: MANOLO BLAHNIK! Whaaat?! I didn't know there was a collaboration between Manolo and TOUS!?! So I went in to check out the limited edition collection.  I don't know why I expected a big selection of items, I was surprised to see three pendants only and they're different in sizes. I was like "That's it?!" And the sales lady nodded. The pendants came in silver, gold plated, and real yellow gold and had the shape of Manolo's iconic Mary Janes. I liked the one with the smallest charm (Around KD 88). The sales lady later informed me that they also had one charm which comes with one diamond (You could barely see the diamond) and that it costs around KD 500+.  I still preferred the smallest charm. A cool gift to the shoeaholics in your life. 


Anonymous said…
i saw the silver glove @ Octium jewelry shop in 360 mall.
Confashion said…
Thanks for sharing :) Do you happen to know its price?