Manara in MoMA

Earlier in the evening I had the pleasure to attend the art exhibition of Italian artist Enzo Manara titled Genesis: Informal Universe. The event was held at Kuwait's Museum of Modern Art. And even though I did want to check out the exhibition, my main reason for going there was to see if any new additions have been made to Kuwait's MoMA since my last visit a couple of years ago, which I'll elaborate further on in tomorrow's post.  

Now back to Manara's creations, the artist has used a mix of architectural materials and media on vividly colored canvases.  Out of all the pieces that were on display, I liked these two the most. The exhibition will be on until 21st April 2011. 


Anonymous said…
I missed the opening and today the Museum was closed.
Confashion said…
The museum closes early I think around 8:30pm or sth. Did you try going the next day?
Enzo Manara said…
Dear Confashion, thank you for visiting my exhibition and splendid post with pictures! I will provide you the information about my next exhibition.

Best regards,

Enzo Manara