LVly Night

I was invited to Louis Vuitton "Savoir-Faire promenade"event which was held at the barnd's boutique in Salhiya Complex.  Basically the event showcases the brand's iconic leather goods and travel pieces throughout its history. They had the Steamer, the Speedy, the Keepall, the Lockit, and a trunk bag all on display. There was also a French lady artisan who was showing us live how LV bags are skillfully handmade.  (And all this time I thought the bags were machine manufactured!). I enjoyed this part the most as you get to experience parts of LV's production process first-hand.  You can see in the below photos the raw materials used. And of course I had to check out the latest shoes on display, so I'm sharing with you a couple of photos of these too. 


Anonymous said…
I was invited there too it was amazing
7asafa am craving to spot u somewhere... lol
Anonymous said…
lucky u!!!!
Confashion said…
LOL! Inshalla one day ;)