Liberty Love

I can't resist Liberty fabrics and I was thrilled to find out that Haifa Boutique has received a new selection of them. I went to Haifa's branch in Shuwaikh and marveled at the beauty of the fabrics. There is only oooone tiiiiny problem. I don't know what to do with the fabrics and I don't have the talent or the skill to sketch and design. Up until yesterday, I have shown great restraint in not falling into the trap of designing my own dress/kaftan/whatever, because I KNOW I won't be wearing that piece. Right now while I'm writing this post and stare at the cuteness of the fabric featured in the first photo, I think I'll be breaking  my so-called-rule very soon.

Speaking of Haifa boutique, they have also been recently featured in Harper's Bazaar Arabia's April edition again (click on the image above to view the circled item).  The feature included a photo from their latest photoshoot for their lookbook.  Liberty of London has also requested a copy of their lookbook! Isn't that cool?!


LadyB said…
what's the location of the shop in Shuwaikh?
I live under a rock !
Confashion said…
It is located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area, first intersection after home center and Altilal mall, maybe fourth shop to the right.
Anonymous said…
I have the exact same problem. I marvel at the beauty of their fabrics yet i don't know what to do with them if i bought them.

Maybe a shawl? Or customize an old boring Tshirt?
Haifa Kaftans said…
Thank you Confashion!

As usual, your post on us was just so sweet. Liberty fabrics are so easy to obsess over, no? Can you imagine having to choose which ones to stock when we go on buying trips? It's like choosing a favorite child!

Much love xx
Natalia Q8 said…
A pijama, a dressing gown, a nice dress for your daughter, a courtain for a small kitchen for you daughter, a coushin, a bag for travelling and keeping you underware........ I love Liberty aswell
Anonymous said…
Really beautiful, how much they?
Q80 Saracen said…
I think some of these fabrics would look really cool on tent furniture or even on the walls. Not tent, out to hunt migrant birds using illegal sonic devices tent but the built tents that people have adapted as makeshift diwaniyas.
Confashion said…
I'm thinking a pair of capri pants and button down shirt with a self tie knot and a mis-matched sleeves? hahah It's easy to come up with ideas.. but who's good enough to put them in action :P

Haifa Kaftan/Noaf
Liberty buying trip?! Siiiiiigh total bliss! :)

Natalia Q8
I like your idea of creating travel bags for lingerie :)

Q80 Saracen
Liberty on walls and furniture? I liiike that!
Judy said…

I am new to Kuwait and trying to find this place but their phone number does not work. Can you please give me the address for the Liberty London fabric.

Judy said…
I am trying to find this place with the Liberty London fabrics but their phone number does not work. Do you have the phone number and address for the location with the fabric?