I Heart My: Khaleejesque Part II

By now I'm sure all of you are familiar with lifestyle web-zine Khaleejesque. In today's 2nd part of I Heart My, we'll get to know Khaleejesque's editor, who also has her own blog, Alya Al-Othman's favorite fashion item items.  I must say I was very impressed by the quality of her photos and I greatly appreciate that she took the time to make a mini photoshoot just for confashions (Thank YOU!)! And don't get me started on her Marni shoes collection (heart Marni!). I'll leave you now with some words from Alya:  

"Marni is one of my top 3 ultimate contemporary designer brands. Every year I make it a mission to buy 2 pairs of shoes (one from the AW season and one from the SS season). I occasionally get flats, but I always end up falling – no pun intended – for their sky high heels. They are incredibly tall, and not always practical, but I still love them.  As you can see, one of them still has the tag on! I bought that pair last year and it has yet to make its debut…

What I love about Marni is that every piece in their collection, clothing AND accessories, is so artistically designed. For an art and design lover like me, I can't help but admire that. Each shoe in itself is also unique and creative and adds a punch to each outfit."


I really liked Marni shoes since you started posting about them .. LOL =P
their simplicity are always a win win!

Rainy said…
i didn't like them .. i love the leather ..
Confashion said…
Extravagant Fatma
Marni never goes out of style and that's what I like about it :)

I like both ;)