Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dolce Bags

Two bags from Dolce & Gabbana's new S/S 2011 collection with two different style concepts at Aïshti. I like the vintage doctor's bag shape of the red knitted bag, not too sure about this shade of red though. I'd rather have it in black or tan. And I've found a another version of the "coasters" bag, and no... not liking it. 


Anonymous said...

price tag pleade? I really loved a d&g back that was blue tiger!! what is available?

Anonymous said...

They're called doilies not "coasters".

Anonymous said...

wow i love the bags and i LOVE YOUR BLOG your the best:* please confashions tell me how much both bags were

Confashion said...

Hmmm I think it was available.. sorry I can't remember :(

Thanks for info
Wa minkum nastafeed :)

Thank YOU :*
Sorry I can't remember the prices.. maybe around KD 800? Not sure :(


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