Dear Confashions: Nabrman Abayas

The lovely girls behind Nabrman Abayas have contacted me to introduce me to their fresh and innovative fashion house for Abayas. Launched by two talented Emirati ladies, they create one-of-a-kind abayas and shaylas using  the finest  fabrics such as velvet, silk and French lace ensuring all abayas are feminine with a luxurious feel. 

Nabrman means “white flower”, a symbol of purity and modesty. Largely influenced by a contemporary mix of old world charm and elegant sophistication, the essence of the brand is clearly reflected in gracefully flowing designs. The traditional abayas are given a modern twist with a variety of fine fabrics. 

Nabrman Abayas Head Designer and winner of the Oriental Red Carpet Winner Award 2010 in the Jalabiyas category, Hessa Alfalasi strives for perfection in each design.“I find myself very rooted in my traditional values and culture and I am proud of the wonderful heritage I have inherited. For as long as I can remember, I have loved the feel of fabrics and enjoyed being creative with colours and fashion", expressed Alfalasi.

Nabrman Abayas are currently distributed online at  For any further inquiries, please send an e-mail to


lamia said…
I'd love to wear abayas!!
Confashion said…
Try getting one just for fun :)