Dear Confashion: T-Shirt Policy

I have received an email from Natasha Petafi, the brainchild behind a new retro and funky t-shirts line called "T-Shirt Policy".

"My debut collection is based on COCO CHANEL for girls. In which I had a slogan tee, which got really popular saying COCO WHERE IS CHANEL? The other one is about facebook and msn slag’s for boys which was designed as an eye test board.  These t-shirts are pretty much unisex as well", expressed the brand's designer Natasha Petafi. 

The new collection has very childish designs printed on white t-shirts again, however this collection, all t-shirts are worked on individually to give them all a unique touch.

T-Shirt Policy will be debuting its latest S/S collection on the 22nd April 2011, at Hangers Boutique in Kuwait's Villa Karizma.