Dear Confashion: Penny Proper

I got this on my e-mail and thought of sharing it as it might interest my male readers. 

The original penny loafer from the 1930s that was made popular by the acts of James Dean and Steve McQueen is back, in a “proper” way. Canadian brand, Penny Proper (PP) has launched into the Canadian market as a splashy substitution to the old penny. In the 1950s dimes were slipped into the pockets of loafers, as this was the price of a pay telephone. These dimes were then replaced by shiny pennies as a matter of style.

Penny Proper is giving loafer wearers the opportunity to exercise their personal style and flare. The size and weight of a penny, PPs come in a variety of colours and patterns to individualize loafers based on personal taste or function.  “We wanted to introduce Penny Proper into the market just in time for spring. With preppy apparel and accessories one of the biggest trends this year, why not accessorize your loafer,” says co-founder Roxanne Chapman.

Penny Proper is available online at


deQor8 said…
LOL I just told my wife how I used to wear penny loafers when I was a kid for weddings etc. and how I used to always put shiny new pennies in them ... thanks for including us guys in your blog even if it is sporadic :-P
Confashion said…
haha! What a coincidence!
You're more than welcome ;)