Dear Confashion: Noon By Noor

Bahrain-based designers Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Haya Mohammed Al Khalifa of the high-end women’s luxury line, Noon By Noor, revealed their Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection on recently at a fashion show hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  

The  collection, which exudes  playful sophistication and refined elegance,  has been receiving a great deal of attention. “It feels  incredible  to see how months of hard work  and commitment have materialized  in one single event. We have been very hands on  during  every stage of the process, and so  tonight we were paying very close attention to our audience’s reactions.  We consider this  feedback as part of the  learning experience.   I’m sure that our success this evening will only push  us to outdo ourselves for future collections” states Noor. 

Haya continues, “We have been using beautiful silks, satins, soft jerseys, and intricate beads for our collection, which  altogether celebrate  the femininity and vibrant culture of the Middle East.”   

In summer of 2011, Noon By Noor plans to launch its online boutique, granting worldwide access to its luxurious collections. 


Danderma said…
i love the blouse in the first picture... so unlike el halahel ele we see around us every day!

Great job Masha2 Allah!
Confashion said…
It's very elegant I agree :)