Customize Your Box

If you're still lusting after Celine's fluorescent yellow box bag in exotic leather, and beating yourself up for not buying it first. Then I have some GREAT news for you! CĂ©line boutique in Kuwait is offering customization for its classic box bag in two sizes only, the large and the medium. It might take up to two months to receive your customized bag. All you have to do is go to the store, pick your desired leather, pay a deposit of 50%, and wait (anxiously) for the arrival of its highness.

Feeling better already? I know I am!


dboss said…
i should have not seen this post :'(

2 days ago i promised myself no more bags till winter :X

oh well WHO CAN SAY NO TO BOX ;p
Confashion said…
LOL! Believe me I said the same thing.. but I tend to have a selective memory when I see a bag like that!!
dboss said…
im worse ;p i surrender to its beauty!

im dreaming about color and skin HAHA! this is bad

i guess i will pay them a visit
Anonymous said…
Do you have any idea about the exotic bags' range price? I want to order or buy an exotic bag. I'm SO in love with Celine <333
Confashion said…
I think its price starts at around KD 1,300? Not 100% sure though but its around that range...