Bold Color Blocking

It seems that the most trend I'll be rocking this season is color-blocking in the brightest colors, and I'm loving it! If the trend is too bold for you, try adding one bright item to your look starting with a brightly colored bag. It will help you ease into the trend.  I've spotted these colored bags at Zara the other day. The cobalt blue bag makes a perfect day bag as it fits a lot of junk plus it comes with a long shoulder strap. Price tag? KD 45.500. And then there were the mini zipped clutched which come in fuchsia and an orange zipper, yellow with blue zipper, and green with a blue zipper. Price tag? around KD7 each.  And while you're at it, check out this black and cobalt blue striped clutch. Very very Prada, no?

Loved the shade and shape of this emerald green shopping bag available at Furla boutique in Arraya complex. 

Long skirts in secondary colors at Zara. Long skirts is another trend I'm trying to pull this season. But not with these skirts. Need something more subtle. 


LadyB said…
Furla didn't bring the plastic totes?
Confashion said…
They did but they were all sold out! :\
LadyB said…
Omg, Gotta check dubai!