Bag Lady

With all the temptations surrounding us while shopping, how can I possibly settle for one or two or even three bags per season. How many bags do you buy per season? And how many do you actually need?! Tough question that can only be answered and controlled by sticking to a budget (by force not choice in my case!!). And this can be quite difficult to commit to especially with all the variety of bags available in Dubai.. Here are some of the bags I loved while shopping around starting with this hot red shoulder bag courtesy of Chloé.

Diane von Furstenberg leopard-print snakeskin clutch
Loved the color combo of this YSL shopping bag
I don't ever recall being in a designer boutique and lusting after at least 6 bags of its collection at the same time! That was the kind of effect Céline had on me when I was shopping around the boutique. Very budget-unfriendly! 

A cute mini cross bag in bright orange colored leather from See by Chloé
Balenciaga's latest design of the classic shopping bag

I'm not sure if I like these Gucci totes... but I loved their color!


Anonymous said…
1001NIGHTS: I'm loving the coral/orangish color for bags just because it's so stunning when contrasted against white and we end up wearing a lot of white/beige in the summer. SO two bags that I INSIST you include in your list :p One is YSL and the other is Gucci. (I lost faith in Gucci for a while but this is a really good one.) Check them out:


Me Blogging said…
Waaay away confashion what r u doing to us

An listete still open and this blue celine bag is on my list
Confashion said…
I LOVE the Muse 2! Especially in the colors you have chosen! Timeless chic! And so practical..
Still not a fan of Gucci bag yet... :)

Me blogging
Imagine how I felt being in-store! Miskeen the sales guy! I probably annoyed him with all my requests!

The cobalt blue is so so soooo chic <3