The W in London

W is for WOW. And that basically sums up my experience staying in the very trendy W Hotel located at London's bustling Leicester Square, the W brand's 40th hotel globally. The hotel opened last February and its architecture attracts passerbys everywhere around the area.

I’m sorry that the quality of the first picture is not that great (that’s when I finally decided to buy a new cam!). You’ll see that the hotel’s building is completely covered in clear glass which changes color according to the time of day and the hotel’s surroundings. So you can’t really miss it, especially that there are two nine-foot-tall color changing disco-themed W signs on the entrance of the hotel and on the top of the building.

The W Hotel really doesn’t look like your average hotel. Actually it looks a lot like a members-only club than a boutique hotel with its very dark and discreet entrance being guarded by bouncer-looking security guards, and the lobby being one floor up. Actually at night, only residents of the hotel and the guests were allowed to go inside. It wasn't my first choice to stay in it as I wanted somewhere that is close to shopping centers, but after locating the hotel on the map, I noticed that it's a few minutes walk from New Bond Street and Regent Street. Plus the underground station is just two minutes walk. Perfecto! It was such a treat staying there. Anyhow, I’ll leave you now with the pictures to enjoy.

The giant W sign on the entrance

The lobby’s ceiling was covered with mini disco balls hung in different level. And the walls were covered in stripped mirrors.

That's the other side of the Lobby where the loung

On one side of the Lobby, the walls were covered with plates floor to ceiling and back and front (not a great place for toddlers).  Each plate is printed with fashion editorial-like images.
That's the other side of the plates-covered wall during daytime
The Lounge with 3 glass fires places.
The W store is not  your typical hotel store where you find gums, mags and cigarettes. They were selling avant-grade accessories and fashion for men and women.  Surprisingly, I just found out they have their own online site

Spice Market is the hotel's only restaurant and it serves Southeast Asian food. The photo above is the entrance of the restaurant.


Anonymous said…

How about their bedrooms? were they spacious?
Confashion said…
They were OK.. I wouldn't describe them as spacious...
But overall the experience was great :)