Video: Creature of the Night by ASHI studio

My all time favorite designer from our region Mohammed Ashi has just debuted a video titled creature of the night and has described the video quoting: "The creature of the night was created in darkness. It struggled with the evanescence of light while absorbing the pureness of shadows. Blown out it came to life".

This video was created for the reveal of Mohammed Ashi's product to the public strating point Kuwait city and soon Paris and LA.


Me Blogging said…
It reminded me of Kanye west music video (30 min video)you think his collection was inspired by it
Confashion said…
Me Blogging
Hmm.. I don't think that Ashi's entire collection was inspired by Kanye's Runway.. but I can see where you're coming from with the use of feathers and the movement of feather?
Tulle is common this season with a lot of designers.. black swan influence maybe...